Let’s Find Our Power to ACT! — France


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: La Chaudière, near Saillans, France

Dates: 13—24 June 2023

National team size: 4 participants

Please read the info-pack & futher info about the content of the project

Hosting organisation: La Rapugada

Participating countries: France, Spain, Czech Republic, Portugal, Belgium

Project report:

Salut from France!

This training course LET’S FIND OUR POWER TO ACT about feminism, gender and empowerment was taking place on 13 — 24 June 2023 for non-mixed group by choice of participants. The organisers wanted to create a safe space without cis men. One of the main topics was the oppression which stereotypical society creates by patriarchal leaders. Without these oppressors, by the words of the participants they were ‘feeling much more free and had chance to live by their own manners.’ People were talking about topics which are considered taboo in cisheteronormative setting, experimented and wore their preferred clothes, being themselves without constant judgement or fear of experiencing male violence.

During the project 16 youth workers experienced living in a closed community of understanding, talked and learned about feminism, gender, power, oppression, identity, consent and freedom, played lots of games, shared their own stories and experiences, tried boxing, self-defence, screen-printing, painting and found new and unique friendships.

During the course we visited a nearby village for the summer solstice music day and on our free day we went to swim in the river, visited art studio, walked through the woods and relaxed together in the garden. Every day we had reflection groups where we shared our impressions about the activities we attended. Also part of our schedule were group tasks such as preparing breakfast, tidying the common space or screen printing. In the evenings we got to experience different cultures. For example the Portuguese team taught us how to dance and our Czech team cooked a Christmas dinner and made a kahoot about our country.

From magical scenery of La Chaudière village,

Tony Tauchman

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