Gen Green — Lithuania


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: training course

Venue: Vilnius, Lithuania

Dates: 19—25 January 2024

Czech team: 6 participants.

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Active Youth Lithuania

Project report:

The organization EYCB sent me to Lithuania and provided me with such an amazing experience. Since it was going to be my first flight alone, I decided to opt for the bus journey instead, which, although direct, lasted 18 hours. In the bus, I had time to rest and catch up on all the work I had forgotten or hadn’t been able to get to. 

During the journey, we agreed in our Messenger group that one guy would wait for me in the city so I wouldn’t have to go to accommodation alone. Two other girls arrived shortly after me, so we traveled together to the accommodation. 

Upon arrival, we met other young people, although unfortunately, a large number arrived later in the evening, so we couldn’t get to know each other deeply. However, it didn’t matter because we spent the next day getting acquainted and introducing ourselves to the topic. 

I must say, we formed a really great group of people and we understood each other well. It was nice to make friends from the other side of Europe, and for example, I’m already planning a trip where I’ll meet one person I met in Lithuania during the project. 

The whole project had a very friendly and community atmosphere, where everyone treated each other considerately and tried to learn as much as possible. We spent the vast majority of our time together, and all the work was done in international groups. 

The only minor problem for our Czech group was being unprepared for the temperatures, which are normal in Lithuania. The overwhelming majority of the time we spent in Lithuania was below zero, and some members of our group (gentlemen) only had sneakers with them, which made walking in the snow quite unpleasant for them.

Marianna K.

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