All Together — Spain


Dates: 22.9.2014 – 22.3.2015

Venue: Alaquàs, Spain

Programme, action: Erasmus+, European Voluntary Service

Participant: Bronislav Vysloužil

Something about the project: It is composed as long-term EVS, the youth organisation Ajuntament d´ Alaquàs is the hosting organisation. It focuses on promoting information about possibilities, opportunities and resources available for young people, supports active participation of local youth into community life, serves as a point where young people can share their experiences, promotes and provides prevent campaigns and coordinates activities for promoting services of the Youth Information Center (YIC).

The tasks for the volunteer: The volunteer will basicly assist within a week like this: 2 days assisting in the CIJ (youth information office), 3 days in Centre Obert/Espai Educatiu/Ludotecas  (12 hours per week) assisting local leisure for children and youth. The volunteer will take part in Spanish or Valenciano intensive lessons, appr 10 hours a week during October and after 4 hours per week. The local volunteer service supports the borough in areas among cultural, social and human means and the volunteer can be asked to help out with different local projects and initiatives from time to time, and sometimes be asked to work evenings and weekends.

Publicity: On 14th September 2015 we organised a public meeting with a volunteer for Břeclav high-schools students. You can read more about it here.

Project report: I was a volunteer in the program of European Union,which is called European voluntary service and I was a participant of project: All Together which lasted from 22.9.2014 till 22.3.2015 and took place in the spanish city Alaquás. Alaquás is distant 6km from third biggest spanish city Valencia that was my major tourist destination. I lived in a very modern and cute flat, I had own room with common kitchen and bathroom. I lived together with another three volunteers. My work was distant ten minute walk from my flat.

My main objective was to work in the youth information centre and to work for spanish eurodesk. Eurodesk is very interesting and good european network for looking job,scholarships and internships. Another my tasks were: work with youth,help with workshops and events which organized my organisation. I worked about 30 hour per a week from Monday to Friday and sometimes as well on Saturday but when I worked on Saturday so I had free on Monday and of course I had two days off per week.

I participated two training courses in the south of spain. First training course took place in beautiful city Los Alcazáres on the Mediterranean coast and second took place in amazing Andalusian rural area in Mollina. I got to know with many people,especially with another volunteers from all parts of Spain.

I have obtained and I improved lot new skills,abilities for example: I have learnt new world language(Spanish) and as well I improved my English,I improved skills in computer,interpersonal, cultural,self-learning and in organizing time areas. I liked my project very much and I can recommend European voluntary service for everybody!!!

Bronislav Vysloužil

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