Anger Is the Worst Advisor! — Poland


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Wierzchosławice/Tarnów, Poland

Dates: 5—12 December 2023

Czech team: 6 participants

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Hosting organisation: Stowarzyszenie Inicjatyw Kulturalno-Mlodziezowych Art

Project report:

From the 5th until the 12th December, we gathered in a small Polish town, Wierzchoslavice, for a youth exchange regarding multiculturalism. Alongside the Czech group, there were also groups from Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania and Slovakia. Although the national groups varied in numbers, we got along really well and the atmosphere among us was great.

We delved into the topic in various ways – from presenting the situations in our countries and filming short education videos, to meeting with Ukrainian refugees living in the centre we were staying at. Although the participating countries are fairly geographically close, we still managed to notice notable differences in each of our cultures, and also the approaches people have regarding different minorities in their countries.

Moreover, we participated in an Oxford debate, discussing different points of view on some aspects of multiculturalism – for instance the contribution to national economies or illegal migration. 

During our cultural visit to a city called Tarnow, we visited a museum about the Roma community, learning a lot about their origins, traditions, culture and history. We then went on a walk around the city to see a handful of places demonstrating the cultural diversity in this city – a lot of these were related to the Jews and the second world war.

We spent each night learning about other cultures, as well, thanks to intercultural nights. Each country prepared a lot to show us – quizzes, presentations, videos, dances, songs, and, of course, a lot of traditional food.

Although the youth exchange was fairly short, we managed to form strong friendship bonds and immerse ourselves in the learning process about multiculturalism. What a great week it was!

Barbora D.

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