Youth Work and Social Integration of Immigrants — Turkey


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Güre (Edremit), Balıkesir, Turkey

Dates: 18—26 June 2023

Please read the info-pack and daily activities schedule

Hosting organisation: Esenler Youth and Sport Club Association

Project info:

The project addresses social and cultural cohesion problems and proposals for solutions for asylum seekers and refugee youth in European society. There are asylum seekers and refugees on one side of the problems to be addressed in order to increase social harmony. We will focus on the issues of understanding, analyzing and involving the European communities and cultures in which these young people are located. On the other side, local communities in Europe have asylum seekers and refugee acceptance problems, rising racism and prejudices. We aim to provide quantitative and qualitative changes on these two sides in the social, cultural, educational and economic fields. We aim to increase the skills, competencies and awareness of both groups in accordance with the needs of harmony and coexistence. We plan to achieve long-term goals by including young people, and to achieve more effective results by improving the ability of civil society and actors for local communities.

The project participants and the partner organizations will prepare discussions and workshops on presentations and expert presentations, which will be made up of the researches in their countries during the preparatory activities. The main activities of the project will include observations, seminars and learning of the activities of different countries. The approaches of local communities in Europe to asylum seekers and refugees will be analyzed by group work. Training activities will be conducted in Europe on rising racism and ways of struggle. The activities to be carried out include activities related to intercultural learning activities, social communication and cultural diversity. Group discussions will be held to discuss the identified problems and needs. Participants will be able to plan their own learning processes and assess their achievements with daily assessment, feedback and Youthpass awareness studies.

Participant’s profile:

The project will include four participants from each partner (7 partners x 4 pax = Total 28 Participants);

  • The first participant will be a refugee or immigrant youth between the ages of 18-30.
  • The second participant will be chosen from a youth leader or educator from an immigrant background.
  • Thirdly, a young youth leader or trainer who is actively involved in the activities of the project partner.
  • The fourth participant will be a manager of an organization.
    PS: We kindly require from our partners to keep the gender balance in mind.

Accommodation: We will make our accommodation in a camping area by the sea. Please see photos below. There is a beach and a beautiful sea right in front of it. Below you can find a sample photo for the tents we will be staying in. 
The tents are big, 3-4 people each, but we will stay 2 people in each tent. Beds, pillows, sheets and blankets are available in the tents. The campsite has a refrigerator, toilet and shower, electricity and lighting. We will also have a closed area where we can do the work.

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