Upgrade Youth Work (partnership building activity) – Romania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Partnership Building Activity

Venue: Iasi, Romania

Dates:  25 October – 2 November 2016

Participants: Veronika Svobodová, Jan Fiala, Pavlína Martinová

Please read the info-pack a daily activities schedule. Please visit the project Facebook page & interview with the Czech team

Participating countries: Portugal, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Denmark, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey, Greece, France, Poland

Hosting organisationKasta Morrely

Project report:

Report Iasi, Romania, 25.10.-2.11.2016


Airport Vaclav Havel, Prague, 8.00 am, 25th October, meeting with my colleague – representative of Czech Republic and travelling together to the country where none of us have been so far. Full of expectations, prejudices and curiosity. But since the first moment and talk, we both knew we are going to be a great team.

We arrived to Iasi in the evening time together with other participants and getting to know each other had begun very soon. The hosting organization picked us at the airport, so the transportation to the hotel was very comfortable. Last participants came next morning and when we have been finally complete, we started with introduction and opening of the project. The president of hosting organisation welcomed us and we started our mutual journey by eating altogether piece of bread with salt, which is a traditional habit of Romanian culture.

Team-building and knowing each other activities were very popular together with energizers every morning, they surely helped us to become a strong united international team of young people. People heading to the same goal. To be active youth worker, to spread our knowledge, meet new friends, share experience and have fun. I can calmly confirm we made all of it! 

As a partnership building activity, very important part of the program was NGO Market, where we were presenting work of our own organisations from all of the partner countries. We used TV moderated simulation as a method, which was very new for us and also very professional. As we got to know each other and our organisations closely, we moved to the other part of the project, to the presentations, brainstorming and simultaneously to a mind map about current European Youth unemployment. We were divided into the groups where we had to work on our own projects. All the topics were very interesting, from youth entrepreneurship, competences in labour market up till participation in political and civic life. Working on these topics was very intensive and we addressed it through the entire project.

During our project labs, trainers presented processes of writing projects, applicability of projects, and terms such as dissemination, impact, risk analysis or objectives of the project. Finally we have been introducing our all week work in the city hall of Iasi in Public Round Table in front of Romanian young citizens and workers. Cameras, microphones, questions from public, it was very well prepared.

Of course part of the agenda were couple of socializing programmes every evening, group singing, cultural visits of historical city of Iasi, which all of us really enjoyed. Spectacular and breathtaking was castle of Iasi where everybody was crazy about taking ,,selfies” in front of it J Exceptional place stands for intercultural evening, which was probably for most of us the best evening ever! Food, drinks, presentations of countries, dancing, good music, friends and fun! What an amazing night…

The strongest day of the project was for all of us the last day, when we had to realize that this adventure is coming to the end and we all have to go back to our daily lives. Each of us made final verbal public evaluation and official moderated team interviews with project coordinator based on our project feedback. Personal envelopes, where we put our letters to specific person with the personal message, made this day very special and beautifully emotional. We also received our Youthpass certificates officially given to us by president of Kasta Morrely and mayor of Iasi city. The total end of this wonderful day we finished in a big style! By our ,,On the Ship Awards” – all the participants received their official award expressing our characteristic feature during the whole project. Mine was ,,Highest Smile of the Year” J


Thanks to professional Kasta Morrely organization and our great trainers we had a beautiful time in beautiful country, with beautiful people acquiring beautiful experience! I would also like to thank EYCB organisation, which provide us this possibility, and not only for us, but for many years is providing for all young people from our country. It´s been – and always is- the honour and pleasure for me to stand and represent those who create unforgettable memories for others. Those who are trying to make a better world J Thank you!

Veronika Svobodová

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