CreACTor – Germany


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Nuremberg, Germany

APV (advance planning visit) dates: 11-13 March 2016

Youth exchange dates: 25 April – 3  May 2016

Participants: Pavel Slabý, František Deckert, Kristýna Kopecká, Lukáš Kindermann, Filip Tlapa

Group Leader: Jakub Bakule

Please read the info-pack and FAQs

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Romania, Italy, Lithuania

Hosting organisationEurope4Youth

Project report:

“Do you know song YMCA? Of course you do. Do you like this song? Of course you don’t. But you have to listen to it many times every day for the next 10 days.”
    That was the first thing, that we heard after we reached Otto-Felit-Kanitz in Nürnberg. We heard it every day, every morning after waking up, also before every of four sessions. The sessions were connected with the topic of the project, which was start-ups and eterpreneurship. All activities we were doing, were focused to rising creativity, inovating some new ideas, preparing start-up for the ideas and finally estabilishing enterpreneurship offering these things. 
But not every activity was directly connected with the topic, but I think most of them were quite usefull. For example were supposed to build a tank from chairs, build a human tower and make a picture of it and also make a inscription of our bodies. For these three activities we had 30 minutes. It can looks like boring activity, but it was quite hard to organise 30 people in doing these three tasks. But that was not the main. The discussion we had after this activity was awesome. I would never say, that I can learn too much new in discussion about doing tank of chairs.
It was my first project over 18, so I was little bit scared about it, but all people were nice and friendly. We enjoyed a lot of fun, mainly on everynight party, but also in day, during our sessions. I made a lot of new friends and got a lot of new contacts. 
I’m happy, that I had this opportunity to go there. It were beautiful days spent in Nürnberg with people from many countries. It was awesome experince and I will never forget about it.
Lukáš Kindermann

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