ANTIDOTE: Alternative Narratives for Tolerance and Intercultural Dialogue to Overcome Stereotypes and Spread Equality – multiphase – 4th meeting — Poland


Programme Europe for Citizens, Strand 1 “European Remembrance”, 4th meeting of a multiphase project

Venue: Gdansk, Poland

Dates: 22—25 May 2023

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National team: one participant

Hosting organisation: Alphabet Formation

Project description:

One of the key highlights of our meeting is the visit to the World War II Museum, which will provide a unique opportunity to learn about the history and the significant events of that period.
Another important point on the agenda is the visit to the European Solidarity Center, which is considered one of the most significant places where important pages of European history have been written. 
This visit will not only enrich our understanding of the past but also help us appreciate the role of solidarity in shaping Europe we know today. We encourage you to actively participate in the discussions and share your thoughts during the meeting. 
We look forward to seeing you at the meeting and visiting these historically significant sites together.

In today’s Europe, the extremist or populist movements regularly stigmatize migrants and minorities in their political discourse, amalgamating distinct concepts as well as crisis and migration or terrorism and migration, in order to polarize public opinion. This trend stands in stark contrast to the EU values and aims dedicated to the spread of inter-cultural dialogue by bringing together people of different cultures by giving them the opportunity to participate in common activities.

Europe is experiencing the most significant influxes of migrants in its history. The migration brings diversity and the inter-cultural dialogue is an effective antidote to the spreading of the stereotypes and polarization of the public opinion. These backgrounds create a breeding ground for intolerance and discrimination. It is necessary to act in order to promote diversity, tolerance and the respect of EU values.

Against this, ANTIDOTE’s mission is to take action against regular stigmatization of the migrants and minorities, answering to the need to establish a common ground between different cultures and communities by promoting understanding and interaction.

Our Network, consisting of local authorities, citizens and recognized NGO’s committed to supporting integration, puts great emphasis on education as the antidote to polarization of the public opinion with the aim to teach citizens the value of tolerance with ambition to actively foster the intercultural dialogue so help in avoiding conflict and the marginalization of migrants and minorities.

ANTIDOTE project, with its powerful alternative narratives, will encourage inter-cultural dialogue between EU citizens and migrants, will help to overcome stereotypes by de-constructing processes of stigmatization. It will raise awareness on the richness of the cultural and linguistic environment in EU and promote tolerance, thereby contributing to the development of a respectful, dynamic and multifaceted EU identity.

Focusing on the detection and exposure of trending narratives, disinformation channels and disinformation techniques, the ambitious aim of this project is to try to channel criticism of the EU into positive driver for the European integration in the long run and to help the EU to come closer to its citizen and to increase their resilience. 

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