A(rt)ctive Youth — Romania


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Brebu, Caras-Severin county, Romania

Dates: 10—19 May 2023

National team size: 5 participants (aged 18—29) + 1 group leader (18+). 

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Asociatia Alternativa Eco

Project description:

The “A(rt)CTIVE” project is an opportunity for 5 NGOs with a total of 25 participants and 5 group leaders to meet face to face over 8 days to discuss and put into practice the importance of civic spirit and active citizenship through art.

• Mural art, which will help them express their civic spirit in a creative way.
• The Forum Theatre, which will offer participants a safe environment to express possible scenarios from our society in which today’s youth can be active in their community and how to motivate the rest of the community to participate in their activities;
• The creation of an online website, dedicated to the identification and promotion of change factors in the rural environment in Romania, Spain, Greece, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, which can inspire young people who want to move to the countryside;
• Flash mob, which will sensitize local communities about civic spirit and its importance in becoming an active citizen.

The objectives of our project are the following:

  1. to motivate the 25 participants + 5 group leaders coming from 5 different countries to express their civic spirit in a way using mural art, flash mobs and forum theater.
  2. to create a safe environment for all 25 participants + 5 group leaders from 5 different countries, so that they can “spread their wings” and can take the initiative in becoming active citizens;
  3. to further motivate the 25 participants + 5 group leaders to become active volunteers in their country;
  4. to increase self-esteem and self-confidence among all 25 participants + 5 group leaders through feedback appropriate during and after each workshop session;
  5. to sensitize local communities on the importance of civic spirit and how it improves our society and lifestyle;
  6. to promote the values of non-formal education and the benefits of the Erasmus+ program in all 5 participating countries of the youth exchange, with the help of the final video and flash mob of our project;

From each partner there will be 1 group leaders (youth workers experienced in non-formal education, aged 18+) and 5 participants (18-29 years old). It’s preferable that the participants are coming from disadvantaged areas and be interested in the subject of youth exchange.

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