A(rt)ctive Youth — Romania


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Brebu, Caras-Severin county, Romania

Dates: 10—19 May 2023

Czech team: Karolina Wehowska (GL), Antonín Kouba, Kateřina Hliňáková, Pavel Hrdinka, Zuzana Havrdová, Vít Švéda

Please read the info-pack and please watch the project video.

Hosting organisation: Asociatia Alternativa Eco

Project report:

Czech team of six had a chance to be part of a beautiful project named A(rt)ctive Youth which took place in Brebu-Romania. Other participants were from Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, and Spain. Overall, we were group of 36 amazing people. Together we spent nine days full of interesting activites during the project, from 10.5.2023 to 18.5.2023. The accommodation was “far from civilization” which helped us to get to know each other without distractions. We were staying in old hostel, many foods we had were traditional, so we had a chance to taste real Romanian culture even more.

From the first day the main goal was to make us feel safe for upcoming activities. We learnt about each other through bunch of funny games. After that we were able to feel more comfortable in the group and were ready for the main activities of the project which were about art. We choose by ourselves in which group we want to be, mural art or theatre. We were in big groups, so it was sometimes hard to find solutions but at the end I think all groups did well. One result was one big mural art on two wooden desks. The theme was corruption and main global issues. The second result was a play about stereotypes of participants countries before and after Erasmus+ project. Fun fact is that according to other countries was stereotype about Czech Republic that we are workaholics and alcoholics. In the middle of the project, we also had a trip to Timisoara, which is a big city and in fact it’s European city of culture 2023. In the city we were split into groups and played a game to get to know the city more.

The organizations were helpful through all the project. The facilitator was full of energy and able to spread that to others. We all learned more about ourselves, other countries, and cultures. I think I can speak from all my team that we had an amazing time! We got a Youth Pass and with tears in our eyes we said goodbye to our friends.

Karolina Wehowska

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