ARTepreneurship — Access of Young Artists in Labour Market and Business World! — Romania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Buzau & Sarata Monteoru, Romania

Dates: 22-31 May 2018

Participants: Ondřej Hrdý, Markéta Zvonková, Dominik Firla, Karel Janásek

Group leader: Lenka Rigerová

Participating countries: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, Macedonia and Romania

Please read the daily programme and a brochure created during this project

Hosting organisation: As. Hair Redivivus Buzau

Project report: 

ARTepreneurship – Business in Art?

We spent more than one week on a Youth Exchange in Romania. The project called ARTepreneuership took place in Sarata – Monteoru for 8 days and then in Buzau for the last 2 days. We were 5 participants from the Czech Republic. The beginning of the project was on the 22nd of May and the end was on the 31st of May. There were participants from every each country: Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Macedonia, Spain, Cyprus and Romania.

We appreciated good preparation by Tolea who was the sole organizer of the project. The topic of the project was how the artists can enter the market and possibilities of planning the business in art. Therefore, we were working 2 days on the business plan for different kinds of fictional, yet feasible art entrepreneurships. Other days we were more focused on creative activities – for example land art, upcycling, final exhibition and final performance. Our (Czech) team agreed that the activities of the project strayed away a bit from the original topic – the art -; instead, they focused little too much on the environment and recycling. This, varying level of English among the participants, and mainly the structure and content of the activities caused that the reality did not exactly meet our expectations. Despite these misfortunes, we, eventually, did enjoy the project as a whole.

Speaking about the environment – we had a wonderful accommodation in Monteoru in a hotel called Casa cu Tei which was situated in a very nice village and landscape. During the intercultural nights we could taste flavors of every country and also of Romanian dishes which were prepared as a special barbecue just for us. The last 2 days we were in the bigger city, Buzau, in a hotel which did not reach the quality of the previous one in Monteoru but it was only for 2 nights so we did not let it bother us too much and at least we enjoyed each other’s company even more.

We agreed that this project was nice because we tried different kinds of art and mainly because we spent our time in very nice environment with great people.

Lenka Rigerová

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