Back to the Streets — France


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Dates: 12—21 August 2022

Venue: Gelos, France

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Hosting organisation: Association La Villa

Czech team: Michal Vodvářka, Patrik Peňáz, Zuzana Matonohová

Project report: 

When I signed up for the Back to streets training course, I didn’t have very high expectations and went into the unknown. I have never done most of the things we did and trained in my life.

A bunch of really interesting people gathered here who would never have had the chance to meet each other without this project, and I consider that one of the most interesting things about Erasmus+ projects.

The program was intensive, but at the same time educational. For this, a big thank you goes to the La Villa organization, specifically to Paulin, Jose, Anji, Denis and Carina. They have learned us to juggle with balls, juggle with poi, improvise, do acrobatics, play theatre with puppets and many more. But most importantly they have united us in a very connected group of people that I didn’t want to leave after that nine days. 

We learned many things, but the real advantage was that in the end we could focus on what we enjoyed and were good at. By the end I mean the final exhibition on the last day that took place on the street among real audience. For me, this was the best and most powerful experience of this project because I faced my fear of doing this in public. I must say that it wasn’t that bad at all and I was really glad that I did it. Me with my group did acrobatics and it was really fun because we made our very own choreography.

I was also happy that we had some free time to get to know each other and visit the city of Pau.

In the end I would especially like to highlight how well we were taken care of in terms of food. I feel like I’ve never been so well-fed.

Thank you very much to everyone who was part of this and EYCB for madiating this wonderful experience.

Michal Vodvářka

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