Be Active and Find Your Dream Job – Bulgaria


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Pazardjik, Bulgaria

Dates: 15-21 August 2016

Participants: Tereza Kleinerová, Lukáš Kindermann, Veronika Stříbrná, Jan Kruntorád, Roman Krš

Please read the info-pack a daily programme

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Turkey and Czech Republic

Hosting organisationAssociation FOCUS

Project report:

A few days in Bulgaria (Pazardjik) and a lot of people from nine countries in Europe. Relationships like everybody know each other for years and the unforgettable experience of a lifetime! This was amazing week on the project „Be Active and Find Your Dream Job“ which starts on the 15th August and ended on the 21st August.

This was my first experience with Erasmus+ Youth Exchange and with traveling, so I have to send big thanks to organizers for this opportunity! It helped me to break my fears and now I know it‘s easy to explore the world. There was a lot of activities with teamwork, presentations and games, which was very enjoyable and educative. Nice trip to historical city Plovdiv which was very good and with a lot of beautiful things. A important thing were intercultural nights where I got to know a other cultures and I want to visit this countries, becouse they showed us how beautiful it‘s in their countries and now it’s possible becouse I have friends there. Very important for me was that It helped me with English language skills and communication and to know what I have to improve in this way and which another languages I want to learn. I think this non-formal education techniques are very effective and useful for me to learn what I want to do in my life.

And now motto of this week: „EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE WHEN YOU MAKE IT POSSIBLE!“ so thank you all and let’s go for our dreams!

Roman Krš

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