Be active, Be yourself – Be an entrepreneur — Slovakia


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. training course

Venue: Podkylava, Slovakia

Dates: 1-8 December 2013

Participants: Blanka Poštulková, Andrej Dobeš, Dominik Zehringer

Project report:

Be active, be yourself, be entrepreneur!

The name is not only precisely describing what the project was about but it offers you as well the stages how it takes flow into your life. The first one would be the “Be active” part.

You got the feeling there is maybe something missing in your life so you decide to make a research what you could do to bring some more action in to your life. The 132 cliks through the internet leads you the non-formal educational programs of Youth in Action provided by EYCB organization and the mix of action, education, different cultures and topic of entrepreneurship will lead you directly to application form and after some more information exchange you are ready to join the YiAniverse. (Youth in Action universe)

“Be yourself” part appears piece by piece throughout the whole project. It’ unbelievable experience just to feel how you can discover yourself through meeting new people, their cultures and habits and their personal stories. Different kinds of activities open interesting discussions which continue in the free time and move your limits and point of views. All the information and inspiration shape yourself and help you to define where your path could lead in the future. After this week I can’t even imagine better time to live – all the possibilities and when you are brave enough to open yourself for new experience – the possibilities are endless. Some of them worthy to check out: European voluntary service or Erasmus for entrepreneurs.


When we are speaking about entrepreneurs is time to finish this lines with the last part of the project’s name “Be entrepreneur” – this is actually the greatest challenge of these three parts – coming home back to the reality and use all the knowledge, skills, ideas, attitudes and contacts in real life. The first step for me is pretty clear since the workshop where we discussed the top skills of entrepreneurs. Short test showed to participants they are not using their time effectively and actually I had the worst score of the whole group. So this is how my story continues – learn how to manage the most important resource – time – find out my passion, discover my skills and environment and become one of the brave ones – ENTREPRENEURS.

Andrej Dobeš 

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