Beware! Blue Whales Are Everywhere! — Romania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Buzau & Sarata Monteoru, Romania

Dates: 8-17 May

Participants:  Jana Ruzhová, Antonín Juřík, Mikuláš Novotný, Filip Dvořák

Group leader: Monika Kosová 

Participating countries: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Slovenia and Romania 

Please read the info-pack & daily programme

Hosting organisation: As. Hair Redivivus Buzau

Project report: 



Imagine Romania, the country for long associated with Bram Stoker’s Dracula and beautiful Carpathian Mountains. Clear choice for us! We chose the project about cyberbullying named “Beware! Blue Whales Are Everywhere!”. The current problem is increasing of cases of electronic violence at all levels of age. Therefore, the aim of the project was to increase security of using social networks by youngsters 18-24 years old and rise their role and responsibility in prevent and eliminate electronic violence and its effects. There were in total 43 participants from 8 countries and each participant contributed from the experience of their country.

The main goal of the organizers was to use the non-formal education methods (role-play, theatre, media and video creation) for identifying solutions to fight against electronic violence and to promote a tolerant and respectful attitude in social networks. All participants were divided into 3 groups: video role-play group, graphic promotion group, and forum theatre group. These our outputs were shared on the last day in Buzau together with local youngsters and can be found on the Facebook page of the project. That was an experience! 🙂

Due to the fact that all the activities were really well prepared we have gained a lot of new insights and experience on this issue. We played a lot of games, presentations, role plays and theatres, workshops, visual campaign, intercultural evenings. We can summarize that this project was the best for us. Not only everything was perfectly prepared, including leisure activities, which were something extra. We’ve all found new friends there that we definitely want to meet again. Also, Tolea put his heart and soul into this project to make it so good and we never forget it. Thank you for that! We greatly appreciated it! #Toleaisthebest !

We would also like to thank EYCB for this unique opportunity full of experiences that we will remember forever!

Monika Kosová

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