Boomberang — Greece


Programme: Erasmus+ Youth, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Veneu: Hopeland, Argos, Greece

Dats: 20—30 October 2021

National team size: 4+1GL

Please read the info-pack and apply via this application form

Participating countries: Greece, Latvia, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, Romania, Croatia, Czech Republic

Hosting organisation: Roes Cooperativa

Project description:

The story:

It’s not an easy thing to hunt for a kangaroo. One needs to understand how kangaroos think.
How they are behaving. To select good prey, aim rightly… and throw. And if you are going to miss, you need to be able to catch So you can go hunting again. Good news for you, my dear hunter, is that hunting kangaroos (you know, job and stuff) can be A LOT OF FUN.

If you can perceive it as a game. And if you know how to enjoy yourself.

The game:

Boomerang is a 10 days Youth Exchange. Its purpose is to support people to raise their employability. We will do it through playing games and reflecting upon our learning from it. And we will also design our own educational games and bring them back to our countries.

You will understand better your strengths and vision in life.

You will also practice usage of competences useful for the labour market.

After coming back home, you should not only have a better chance to find a job (or start
an enterprise) but mainly to do things that bring you satisfaction.

Who can play:

As a youth/participant, you are:

  • 18-30 years old,
  • Willing to live and learn outdoors for a week (meaning basic conditions: tent, limited shower, etc.),
  • Unemployed, or hungry for a more satisfying job position,
  • Willing to be part of a learning community.

Priority is given to participants with fewer opportunities.

As a group leader, you are:

  • 20+ years old,
  • Youth Worker (working with young people) or Youth Leader (having an impact on young people),
  • Interested in enhancing your facilitating abilities (you will be coached and mentored on it by our professionals).

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