Eco Future — Bulgaria


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: training course

Venue: Srednogorovo, Bulgaria

Dates: 3—11 June 2024

Czech team: 2 participants

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Hosting organisation: Youth Development Center-Mutual Aid

Project report:

Welcome to Bulgaria!

The project topic was Eco Future and took place in a village near a town called Kazanlak. There were two people from each country: The Czech Republic, Georgia, Bulgaria, and Spain. The total number of participants was 8 and even though this number of participants was quite unusual, the organizers did a great job. In this small group, we had the opportunity to get to know each other closely and make friends.

The main topics of this training were recycling, composting, separating waste, eco-education, and contacting institutions. I extended my knowledge about zero-waste policy and how to implement it in our daily lives. We also talked about eco policies and their differences varying in each country. The discussions were really interesting, and everybody had a chance to share their insight into the situation.

We shot a short video film focused on sustainability and the environment. We got to know more about land art and we even tried to make our own artwork.

I loved the peaceful environment where our accommodation was situated.

To sum up, this place and the people I met there will always stay in my heart. And I hope that in future I will have the opportunity to meet them again.

Kateřina J.

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