Polish-Czech Youth — a Chance for a Better Future — online


This project is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Poland

Dates: 6—7 October 2020

Venue: online

Participants: 10

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Hosting organisation: European Meeting Centre – Nowy Staw Foundation

Participating countries: Poland, Czech Republic

Project info:The Project is an online project. The potential recipients of the project are young people aged 18-35. The subject of the project will refer to the changes taking place in the world due to COVID-19.The project participants will be examined in terms of concerns arising from the new situation in the world related to the labor market, the transfer of life to virtual reality and changes taking place in the V4 countries and the entire EU.As part of the project, two forms of online workshops Fake News and the importance of Poland and the Czech Republic in the context of the entire V4 will be conducted, and online debates during which project participants will be able to share their observations.The project will end with the publication of 5 articles in the Polish and Czech press promoting the research carried out within the project and the project itself.Types of activities:

  • conducting a survey among Poles and Czechs on changes in the labor market, the use of new technologies, education, changes taking place in the country due to COVID-19,
  • conducting 2 online debates on the challenges currently facing Poland and the Czech Republic in the context of the entire Visegrad Group and those regarding young people and changes that have occurred due to COVID-19,
  • conducting 2 online workshops about Fake News and the importance of Poland and the Czech Republic in the Visegrad Group,
  • publication of 5 articles in the Polish and Czech press on the promotion of the project and the research carried out.
Purpose of the project:The aim of the project is to strengthen the existing contacts and cooperation with partners in the face of new challenges and to establish new partnerships of young people from Poland and the Czech Republic.Demonstrating that the current pandemic situation is not an obstacle to be able to carry out a project with foreign participants. Using technology, the project participants will prove that they can freely exchange their views, and that nowadays it is possible to conduct a debate online.The participants of the project will raise issues related to the forms of international cooperation in the times of COVID-19, the upcoming Polish presidency in the Visegrad Group and concerns related to the situation on the labor market.Another goal of the project is to strengthen the image of Poland as an active activist in the European Union, NATO and the Visegrad Group by means of economic, social, political and historical achievements of Poland.The reason for this project:As part of the project, workshops will be conducted on the subject of false information appearing in social media and fake news by people dealing with these issues. By participating in panels and workshops, project participants will learn about the positives of belonging to the Visegrad Group and NATO.Workshops and meetings with representatives of Polish politics, media, non-governmental organizations, science and business will prove that Poland deserves the title of a leader and an active member of many organizations, because it diligently fulfils its allied obligations.Project participants will have the opportunity to learn more about Polish science, history and culture. Online meetings are suitable for people who do not have time for frequent departures due to obligations or fear of traveling in the current situation.

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