Břeclavané sobě


Termín konání: 20. 9. 2015

Místo konání: Břeclav, near Břeclav castle

On Sunday afternoon European Youth Centre Břeclav organized, in collaboration with eight other organisations from Břeclav, please see below in Partners section), a community action “Břeclavané sobě” (Břeclav citizens for themselves). Main aims of this activity were: to support good neighbourly relationships in Břeclav, mutual cooperation, solidarity and sharing among Břeclav citizens, support volunteering and last but not least show possibilities of interesting free-time spending in Břeclav.

Event “Břeclavané sobě” was thus targeted at whole families, although the most of activities were welcomed mainly by children. Attenders could e.g. try facepainting or driving in nails, compete in herbs recognition, caress a goat, a billy goat and a rabbit, make their own budge, play pars and other games for blind, find out how to use e-readers or discover possibilities of fun foreign-languages learning for kids. In general, it was a pleasant afternoon also thanks to nice weather and yummy home-made food.

Partners: Centrum volného času Planetka o.s.Klubík BřeclavKomunitní centrum MAJÁČEKMateřské centrum Lvíček DyjáčekMěstská knihovna BřeclavSVČ Duhovka,TyfloCentrum Brno, o.p.s. – pracoviště BřeclavAIDED-EU

This event was organised with support of Břeclav municipality.

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