Build Europe Together – Albania


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1.1. youth exchange

Venue: Shkoder, Albania

Dates: 1-9 March 2014

Participants: Vendula Szekelyová, Lucie Bartoňková, Petra Krupičková, Nela Jeřábková

Project report:

Project Build Europe Together took place in Shkoder, Albania. Aim of this project was supposed to bring together youth from 8 countries (Albania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Romania, Turkey) and discuss issues about European Union together.

As long as many countries weren’t members of EU (some of them not even candidate countries) this project had really wide variety of participants and high potential of being beneficial for all participants. Sadly Albanian organisation (IRSH) probably underestimated preparing for this project, because program has been changed every day and we didn’t know what is going to happen next day until evening of day. I honestly believe that organisation team was trying to do their best, but still (according to my opinion) there was lack of experience on their side.

Even some negative feelings about organisation we had really good time during the project. We learned a lot about intercultural communication. We had really nice trips to seaside and historical city Kruja. Also every evening was held presentation of one of participating nations. This was really enriching for all participants.

I must say that my feelings about this project are strongly mixed. This project had its ups and also downs. I expected to learn more about EU but instead of that I learned more about intercultural communication and cultural differences.

Lucie Bartoňková

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