Picture’s Up – Poland


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Krakow, Poland

Dates: 16 – 24 August 2017

Participants: Petra Křenová Tereza Vorlová Tomáš Haloda Miroslav Kovář

Group leader: Jakub Sklář (GL) 

Please read the INFOPACK, daily programme & project video.

Participating countries: Poland, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and France

Hosting organisation: Stowarzyszenie Youth Human Impact

Project report: 

Hello from Krakow, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe that became a home for group of over forty young individuals including the Czech team from 16th till 24th of August. The “Picture’s Up!” project, hosted by Polish organization Youth Human Impact was no different than the other projects I’ve been so far. You arrive on the spot as a blank page, not knowing what to expect, unknown to the others, as well as they’re unknown to you.

It all starts with the first conversations and suddenly you realize that all the unknown is gone and you’re having a great time and want to have some more. First, it is needed to say that this project gathered together a group of beautiful, creative, inspiring people. Our Polish hosts provided for us accommodation in the very heart of Jewish quarter, so the environment put some more magic into the whole project.

Now, when you have good people in a breathtaking city, what more interests you? Certainly the theme of the project. Ours was aimed on theatre and cinema, their history, different conditions of evolution regarding different experiences in the countries taking part and of course on making some actual live performances. The program was very vivid. I cannot say that there was anything we could lack during our stay, because all of our needs were taking care of by our beloved hosts, the Polish organization. They prepared for us some wonderful activities, such us adventures games in the historical streets of Krakow. Amazing intensive theatre workshop that pushed the limits of our imagination. Competition tasks for us to make actual videos of our own music clips. Team work dominated through all these activities as well as knowledge and fun.

What was the peak success of the whole project? I would say the proximity, or should I say breaking the borders, or rather realizing, that there are no borders at all. The fact that we just happen to live in different parts of Europe, speaking different languages, but basically there is no big difference between us. We discovered that there are loads of things that connect us such as good food, ideas, feelings, hopes for the future, sense of humor and much more. Given the fact, that theme of the project put together great creative people, some of which were writers, actors, puppeteers, amateur film makers and many more, we soon developed ability to communicate through various channels.

After those few days spent together we started to speak not only in the universal English but in the basics of all the languages represented there just for the pleasure of expressing the idea. Or we just communicate with our gestures, bodies and feelings, because the whole world is a theatre and when you meet the right people you should just show them what you really mean.

Finally, with what have I arrived back home? With head full of ideas and heart full of emotions and wonderment. All of that because of the great people I’ve met and will never forget.


                                                                                                                                                                                               Jakub Sklář

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