Build Your Own Town — Turkey


Date: 11-18 August 2012

Venue: Köyceğiz – Muğla, Turkey

Participants: Jana Parolková (GL), Ivana Petříková, Lenka Štěpánová, Markéta Balášová, Jan Filip, Juraj Háder, Michal Bernát.

Participating countries: Turkey, CZ, Bulgaria, Estonia, Romania

Project report:

The  project  “Build your own town” took place in a city called Köycegiz – Mugla. There were 5 nations and in each nation there were 7 participants. The project connected young people from five different countries. We met new and interesting people and built new friendships. We were able to see different cultures. We got to know many things about countries where they come from, their typical cuisine (typical drinks and food) and traditional dances or songs.

During one week we did a lot of workshops, which showed us the difficulties and problems in cities in Europe. We learnt a lot about cities, where the other participants live. We talked about good and bad things in our cities and if its better to live in a city or in a village. We also made our own city from cardboard. One of last days we made a boat trip, where we saw an area around Köycegiz. We have seen beautiful nature there, big Kareta turtles, historical king tombs etc. We also spent a few hours at the sea coast and we visited a mud bath. The project was very interesting and everyone enjoyed it very much.

Juraj Háder

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