Children from Horácké náměstí primary school were discovering colourful world with us


Termín konání: 20.11.2013

Místo konání: Brno, ZŠ Horácké náměstí

In pursuance of the “Colourful World” event pupils of ZŠ Horácké náměstí (Horácké náměstí primary school) were learning about diversity of life in different european countries. During the day they had chance to take part in several workshops prepared by Erasmus students living in the Czech Republic and by members of European Youith Centre Breclav, under organisational guidance of teachers of Horácké náměstí primary school.

During our workshops children became acquianted with many interesting facts and experiences about living in the Netherlands and took a listen to a story of a travel to Romania, Turkey and Armenia. A quiz where they could check what they learned from the presentations or guess in which european country the presented photo was taken, engaged pupils’ big interest. The second part of the workshops was dedicated to presenting our organisation and the Youth in Action Programme.


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