Circus Pedagogy for Inclusion — France


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Bidart, France

Dates: 16—24 August 2023

National team: 2 youth workers

Please read the info-pack. 

Hosting organisation: Association La Villa

Project description:

During the 9-day training course, we will discover how to use circus pedagogy as a method of youth work. We use circus activities as a form of pedagogy in teaching and in non-formal education. Our main idea is that circus activity is appealing and fun for everybody, making it ideal as a tool for educational work with youngsters.

The aim is to introduce youth workers and youngsters to positive, healthy activities that encourages co operation, and strengthen confidence, while developing co-ordination and persistence. The end result is much more than learning these skills – it also helps to improve self-esteem, build on a social capital and direct people towards positive ways of living.

The main goal of our project is to teach the participant basics of various circus skills such as partner and group acrobatics, juggling, diabolo, balloon modelling… and show them how to prepare and implement a circus workshop, which they can use as a tool in their work with youngsters. On the end of our training course, all the participants will be equipped with knowledge how to prepare and implement a basic circus pedagogy workshop on their own.

After the project, their task will be to lead a circus pedagogy workshop for youngsters in their country and this way disseminate results of the training course.

During the project, participants (with the help of trainers) will prepare a short circus performance that they will perform for the local community. After the performance, the participants will lead a circus pedagogy workshop for the local community and test their newly learned skills.

The team:

The project team is an international, multidisciplinary team, who is really motivated to work on this project! The trainers’ team is composed of Anja Mikič and Denis Crovella. The whole team, including the trainers are really open-minded people and have a lot of experience in international youth work on the topics of circus pedagogy.

Participant’s profile:

We are looking for youth workers/youth leaders who are over the age of 18 with a good level of English, who will be willing and committed to participate actively in ALL sessions (about 8 hours a day):


  • We encourage gender diversity.
  • All participants should speak and understand English.
  • Participants should already be involved in youth work or be motivated to get involved with it.
  • Participants should be interested in making follow up activities.

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