ConnAction – Croatia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+ programme, Key Action 1 (youth exchange)

Venue: Pula, Croatia

Dates: 11-18 November 2014

Participants: Petra Čejková, Eliška Maříková, Milan Drobný, Denis Jiskra, Michal Havelka

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania and Croatia

Project report

The project ConnAction was 11-18.11.2014 in Pula in Croatia. We were more less 30 persons from 6 countries – The Czech Republic, Hungaria, Lithuania, Georgia, Romania, Croatia. We came like a big group of people from differents cultures and we didn’t know each other. But during the project everything has been changed! We lived in the simple hostel but with a beautiful view on the sea!


Organizers from the organization Syncro prepared really colorful program. The main topic was communication because communication accompanies us all life. First activities were about self-knowledge. Other part of program was about trust. In the end we prepared the program in the small groups for rest of us. Some activities were meditation some of them were creative. We played some games outside or in the centre of Pula or we watched motivation videos, too.


Of course that the program included the intercultural night. It was separate for 2 nights. During this time we heard more about national traditions of other countries or we saw traditional dances or we tasted special national drinks and food.

We learnt a lot of about ourselves, how to use communication a good way, about others national cultures, we laughed together everyday…. and more!


We left as a group of best friends with feelings that we know each other all life. We learnt the special ingredient of life (or the special ingredient of kung fu panda): yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.

Petra Čejková

Welcome to Croatia, the country where we usually go for holiday. I know Croatia just like a country where we are going for family vacations. Actually, I’ve been in Croatia this summer with my friends. It was so different this time because the project was in the second week of November so, it was out of the season. It was just about 18 degrees but we still went for swimming or actually just the brave ones. 

There were participating  30 people from six different countries from eastern Europe such as Romania, Lithuania, Georgia, Hungary and then we from Czech Republic and five people from Croatia the hosting country. 

The whole week was really nice planned we were playing various cognitive games such as someone was leading us while we were blind which really built up trust between us. There were also lots of workshops about communication, different types of people, circle of creativity etc. Very interesting experience for me was for example to share room with girls from Georgia. Their mentality is quite different from ours so it was interesting to talk to them about usuall stuff. Finally, the most important thing for me was that I met really amazing and inspirative people there.  With the other Czech people we were like best friends despite the fact that we met there for first time.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of this project. It was amazing experience and I hope it was not my last one.

Eliška Maříková

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