Cooperation for Youth Exchange Development — Romania and France


Termín konání: 11– 16 November 2019, 12-17 January 2020

Místo konání: Sarata Monteoru, Romania

 Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: multi-phase seminar

  • Seminar 1: Venue: Sarata Monteoru, Romania; Dates: 11– 16 November 2019,
  • Seminar 2: Venue: Lyon, France; Date: 12–17 January 2020.

Note: applicants/participants must take part in both seminars.

Please read the info pack. 

Hosting organisation: R2AS – Réseau Rhône Ain Saône des MJC

Participating countries: RO, CZ, GR, ES, EE, FR

Participants: Veronika Květoňová, Martina Kyselá, Marek Zimmel, Lenka Kosmatová, Žaneta Jančaříková, Jan Míka

Project report: Cooperation for Youth Exchange Development – 1st seminar (11– 16 November 2019)

First part of two-phase training course Cooperation for Youth Exchange Development took part on 11th-16th of November in romanian village Sarata Monteoru. During the mobility, Czech team came along with five other nations – Greeks, Romanians, Estonians, Spanish and French, in order to collaborate and create new projects. 


The training course had four main goals. First, to remove obstacles encountered by youth workers in setting up a mobility project. Second, to measure opportunities offered by Erasmus+ in regard to development of new projects. Third goal was to analyse the feasibility of projects and their introduction. Last but not least, to exchange high quality experience and practice between youth workers.


At the beginning, we had defined which problems have to youth workers tackle. Each and every country has slightly different problems, but mostly the lack of knowledge and inappropriate financial management are the main issues. In regard to the second goal, we had extremely helpful workshop, full of information led by Brice – an organisator from a french organisation, who has many years of experience in the field, especially in Key Action 1: Mobility of Individuals. However, the training course was full of very experienced youth workers so for the majority of participants was the  workshop some kind of refreshment of the information. All knowledge was tested with practical exercise and quiz. Great emphasis was given on the third goal, which was discussed in the diverse smaller groups resulting in something called Fish Market. Each group brought up different opinions and angles, which were at the end discussed in front of everyone. As Erasmus+ support non-formal education, participants were also given a task to prepare a short performance about the current issues of mobility projects. Last goal was naturally fully accomplished, even beyond the workshops, we had a chance to discuss and exchange our experiences with other workers. Since we were dining, brainstorming, networking, dancing, laughing, living together with people from different nations, it was more than easy to interact and build strong partnerships for future projects. . 

The schedule was very busy and we were active almost 24/7. Participants were mostly very dedicated to create new projects and despite the language barrier tried to do their best in building partnerships. In the name of Czech team, I would say that the project was very successful and we have received a lot of handful information.

We were also given an opportunity to see something from Romania and its local culture. Last day, we visited huge vineyards and had a tour through a distillery Lacerta. We also went to muddy volcanoes, unfortunately the weather was against us and we could not see a lot. Despite unfavourable weather last day, we had a wonderful trip full of new experience.


Main output of the two-phase training course is to encourage youth workers to apply for Youth Exchange for the first round in 2020. All participants will meet in France in January and we are more than excited to see what the future holds! Hopefully we will create many great projects with great impact on young people.

 Lenka Kosmatová


Cooperation for Youth Exchange Development – 2nd seminar (12-17 January 2020) 

Bonjour! Welcome to France, a country known for its tasty cuisine, famous landmarks and an extraordinery sense for living. 

Six Czech participants traveled to France for the second part of the project Cooperation fo Youth Exchange Development, starting on 12th of January and ending on 17th of January. We met the same participants as in the first seminar in Sarata Monteoru in Romania in November 2019. Participants, mostly youthworkers, were from Greece, Spain, Romania, Estonia and France. 

The main goals of the two-phased project was a general undestanding of Erasmus+ projects, intercultural collaboration experience, building efficient partnerships and last but not least share a good practice within young groups. However, the biggest emphasis was given to a creation of our own project. As in Romania we have already establised prtnerships, in France we supposed to develop the planned project, discuss further details and understand how the process of application works. The ultimate goal was to be completely familiar with the project we are going to apply for in the round#1 2020. 

Even though our programme in France lasted only four days, the activites were very diverse. Apart from the group work, we were given presentations from skilled youthworkers being in the field for many years and we also had a field trip to a Youth Club MJC and a school activities nearby. Moreover, we experienced an interesting visit of Lyon Town Hall with the mayor. We also discover the city of Lyon, enjoyed a lot of delicious french food or had fun during the Karaoke night. There was not a single minute to be bored! 

Czech team had planned three different projects around Europe. The topics are targetting healthy lifestyle, sustainability and inclusion of disabled people. Together with spanish organisation we are going to apply for a project in August 2020, in southern Spain called Youth Inclusion Space- Seeding Future. Other projects will be applied for #2 and #3 round 2020. All Czech participants consider both parts of the project as a excellent and very succesful. 


Without the effort of the team of EYCB, Brice and Tolea this project would never happen and therefore we all thank you from bottoms of our hearts. We are also very excited to realize our projects in the nesr future. Merci!

                                                                                                                Lenka Kosmatová

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