Create and Cooperate for a Change — Georgia


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1. youth exchange

Venue: Rustavi, Georgia

Dates: 9-19 November 2013

Participants: Marcela Novotná, Klára Putalová, Julie Smilnická, Filip Lutzký, Filip Nagy

Project report:

“Why the hell are you going to Georgia?” asked me everyone from my family. Answer was simple: “I would like to try something new” . And project “Create and Cooperate for a Change” was much more better, than I expected. For me, it was for the first time and now I know, it wasn´t for last time. 

Georgia is beautiful country with the most hospitable people I have ever met. You can just walk on the street and they invite you into house and as a guest, you can have anything you want. True story. 

From 9. to 19. of November, International Scout Center in Rustavi became for us (and people from Azerbaijan, Moldova, Ukraine, Spain, Turkey and Lithuania) new home. In those days we had program full of different activities which were precisely prepared by organisators – Izra, Irakli and Giorgi. 

We started with basics (such as “what is nonformal education”) and during our stay we slowly went deeply to the main topic of this project: stereotypes and discriminations. During this way, we learned how to work in international groups (with languague barriers), how different can be angle of view in our countries and how to understand own myself.

We also had 2 visits of Tbilisi – the capital city of Georgia. We had plenty time to discover this historical (and also modern) city. But nobody can forget “supra” – traditional Georgian dinner with a lot of food, and also special rules of drinking wine! During this dinner, Giorgi had plenty different (and traditional) toasts and at the end of the evening nobody wanted to leave restaurant.

In the end of this project, we all were friends and promised to meet again 

Output of this project were videos, photos, theatre, paintings, … and much more beautiful intercultural things 

In the end of this project, we all were friends and promised to meet again. And now, we are still in touch on Facebook 🙂 


To sum up: Madloba (Thank you) to Izra, Giorgi and Irakli for great preparation and EYCB for possibility to take part in this amazing project.

Filip Lutzký

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