Creative Boost 4 Youth Workers – Spain


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Alicante, Spain

Dates: 5 – 12 July 2018

Participants: Jana Kohoutová, Lucie Kadlecová, Helena Tunysová, Jakub Haman 

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Hosting organisationSal Fuera

Participating countries: Bulgaria, CR, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Lithuania, Palestine, Serbia, Spain, Turkey

Project report: 

I was very happy when I got and email which approved my participant request. To be honest I didn´t expect that because I was very special participant. In the time of project I was mother of 13-months-old boy. And so the positive answer was a beautiful surprise. I had also a skype call with organizers who recomended me to bring someone else who could help me with my little son Albert. They also offered to give me some financial compensation for this person because within the Erasmus+ program there was no support of participants like me who need another person. I brought my partner Kuba with.

Project itself was nice. First of all I would like to thank organizers who were really lovely, open-minded and cheerful people thanks whom the project was so interesting, educative and enjoyable. The topic of project was creativity. Participants from the whole Europe (and even from Turkey and Palestina) went there to find out how to be more creative, how to implement creativity in their daily activities with children and to find out how creativity may help us when doing anything.

Without any doubt, the project was full of creativity. Even energizers were aimed to turn on our parts of brain responsible for creative thinking. What was very nice is that we were not pushed in activities we didn´t want to do and also quite many parts of program went out from our experience and things we wanted to share with others. For me there were special conditions like e.g.when I needed to be with Albert Kuba took part in project and it also worked when I had to do some activity without Albert – then Kuba took care of him.

Organizers were very experienced which was visible on accomodation, catering and free time activities as well. We stayed in Alicante, 30 minutes from city center, in luxurious student dormitory called Villa Universitaria. Regular meals (breakfest, lunch, dinner – all of them very tasty and various) were provided in the same building as well as project rooms.

Speaking in general the project was a nice experience for me. My first Erasmus+ project and also holiday with my family after years. Lots of new knowledge, experience and inspiration. New friends, cultures and experences. All these were Creative Boost for Youth Workers.

Lucie Kadlecová

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