Perspectives Against Unemployment – Italy


Programme and action: ERASMUS+ programme, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Dates: 9-16 March 2015

Venue: Brindisi, Italy

Participants: Michal Havelka, Tereza Rýcová, Karolína Kolaříková, Mirek Sládek, Romana Kremláčková

Participating countries: Armenia, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey

Please read the project info-pack and daily activities schedule

Project report:

This youth exchange named Perspectives against unemployment took place in Brindisi, picturesque italian port in Puglia region in the south-eastern part of Italy, where 25 young people gathered to learn through non formal education how to develop tourism in a region hit by unemplyment. Participating countries were: Czech republic, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, Romania and Armenia.

The main output of this project was creating a promotional material in teams to help developing tourism in Brindisi by making a video, presentation or whatever we wanted, it was up to us. We also tried to be a city guide for the other participants, which was interesting.

Beside creating the promotional materials we discovered also other towns of Puglia namely Ostuni and Lecce where we played city game to get to know the town more.

I enjoyed my staying in Brindisi, new experience, great weather, lots of fun and new friends from all over the Europe.

Tereza Rýcová

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