apARTogether – Croatia


Programme and action: ERASMUS+ programme, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Dates: 19-30 March 2015

Venue: Rijeka, Croatia

Participants: Veronika Charvátová, Marika Volfová, Hana Štolzová, Adéla Chmelová a Rastislav Piovarči

Hosting organisation: Syncro – Synergy Croatia

Participating countries: Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Latvia, Romania, Spain

Please read the project info-pack.

Project report:

Training course ApARTogether organized by Syncro Synergy Croatia took place in Rijeka, between 19.-30.th of March 2015. 30 members and team leaders from 6 different countries (Georgia, Romania, Latvia, Spain, Czech Republic and Croatia) participated on the project. 

This 11 days intensive training was full of activities supporting our personal development, creativity and self-confidence. Thanks to very well prepared programme we had a chance to see ourselves like young personalities with unique approaches. Program leaded us to see, how many possibilities we have in our lives, motivated us to find and realize our goals and visions.

First days were focused on basic understanding to the terms awareness, motivation, creativity, and cooperation, responsibility for our lives and for others. During variety of  indoor or outdoor activities we had chance to learn a lot about how to think in a different way, how to solve logical problems, how to change our point of view and see problems in wider perspective. Tasks were individual, in pairs or small international groups. 

Second part of the programme was 3 days outdoors, which had in aim to show us, how to use our potential in real life. It was kind of a very transforming experience, very unusual and revealing for most of us. We practiced what we have learned during previous days. We improved our cooperation, communication and social skills.  I cannot spoil the experience while describing more details, but I can highly recommend this to everyone who wants learn how to travel, live, communicate and solve problems in kind of an alternative and creative way.

Third part of the programme was finally connected with visual art. During last three days we prepared public exhibition, which took place in Rijeka Youth Club. We learned how to express ourselves through visual art. We used wide range of materials – there were no borders for us. During the opening evening people could see variety of painting, photos, video art, live performances and objects.

Whole programme was leaded by experienced coaches, who lead us to get as much as possible from our training. They used methodology of experiential learning, collaborative or individual creative activities, processual and exploring activities. The project helped us to realize and find our position in a group, in society, in family, and fulfilling this position with consciousness, awareness and responsibility -creating more success in our lives while still enjoying it J

Marika Volfová

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