Discover your potential: a training course on creativity and youth work – Germany


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. training course

Dates: 16-24 February 2014

Venue: Haus Kreisau, Berlin, Germany

Participants: Silvie Komárková, Radim Švehla, Alžběta Možíšová

Project report: 

First of all – big thanks to Citizens of Europe and organization team/trainers for preparing such great week for us! Before I even left my city I was already communicating with Rui (one of trainers), so I had everything ready and in order. He was really nice and caring and gave us every piece of information we needed before the departure.

To Berlin I travelled from Brno. Few days before I already contacted one of Czech participants and we arranged a meeting in Berlin, where we had a nice lunch and reached the venue together. The trainers rented a big house for all of us, which was located in quiet part of Berlin near the lake. The views were spectacular!
After warm welcome form organizers we had our first dinner together. I really liked how colourful our group were – so many different cultures and ages too! It was awesome. Despite all those differences we really clicked – I mean out of almost thirty people there weren’t like my most favourite person, I sincerely liked everybody and I liked them a lot! J

The course itself was so well organized, so interesting, so enriching and so fulfilling – really I wasn’t expecting it to be so good! The trainers paid attention to our needs, to our opinions and were willing to change the schedule according to our desires.

Beside a lot of friends I think this course gave me a lot and I am so grateful to Rui, Julia and Slawek for making such great things happen!

Silvie Komárková 

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