Less Use, More Re-Use — Spain


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Casal d’ Esplai El Saler, Valencia, Spain

YE dates: 2—9 October 2022

APV dates: 8—10 May 2020

Participants: 4+1GL


Participating countries: Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Denmark, Czech Republic, United Kingdom

Please read the Less use, more re-use – info-pack.

Project info:

Less Use, More Re-Use“ is a Youth Exchange born as an answer to the more and more worrying impacts due to the climate change. The Youth Council of Valencia wants to focus its attention on the global climatic situation and the power of human beings that live on this planet as key element to make things happen.

On the objective list of this project there are:
• To make participants reflect and increase their awareness on the importance to develop new behaviours towards the environment as the main action to minimise the climate change impact;
• A special focus on the topic of recycling and in particular on the creative re-use of plastic, to give them a new

This mobility implies active participation of young people where they will be engaged in non-formal activities around the topic. The main result of this project will be the creation of a Vertical Garden with the re-use of some plastic bottles collected through a campaign prior to the project week at local level, involving Valencian organisations and the municipality of Valencia. Also, at the end of the activities’ week, a festival will take place together with other local young associations where all the handcrafts created will be exhibited.

General objectives of the project are:
– To promote a positive image that young participants have of themselves through their involvement in collaborative projects with other young people from different backgrounds;
– To give entrepreneurial inputs to new economic sectors in the field of Global Environment protection and also in Arts – through our workshops in crafts, handcrafts, decoration, design;
– To foster equity, effectiveness of education and active citizenship in raising awareness on environmental issues;
– To improve the creative, organisational and numerical skills of the young participants;
– To enable young people to acquire eco-skills making them reflect how to act towards their consumption and their waste production, while becoming actors to sensitise others around them;
– To enhance European cooperation among more countries,  nvolving young people in one of the most urgent topics of the moment;
– To create a social action in the city of Valencia with the organisation of the festival event.

The project will be focused on the following main topics: the impact of our lifestyle on the natural environment and viceversa, energy, water and nature, food, vitality, sustainability, circular economy and green technology.
The aim of the project is to promote the acquisition of skills and greater awareness of the environmental impact of our actions (such as shopping, reducing the purchase of plastic, etc.) and the importance of recycling in supporting a new economy in favor of the Planet.
Furthermore, the project will bring the participants to the knowledge of the European strategy on plastics, adopted in January 2018. “In the world” – says the European Commission – “over 25 million tons of plastic are thrown, which mainly pollute the seas and beaches”.
Micro-plastics in air, packaged food and detergents pollute the water and undermine the human body, with health impacts that are not yet fully known. The aim of the fight against plastic is: by 2030, plastics introduced into the EU market will be completely recyclable.

Participants’ profile:

  • 4 participants from 18 to 25 y.o. (2 of them with fewer opportunities)
  • high and demonstrable interest in topics related to the defence of our natural environment
  • responsible, friendly and open-minded
  • English level B2 and above
Group leader’s profile:
  • aged 25 to 30 y.o.
  • experienced in Erasmus+ projects
  • high and demonstrable knowledge of the currant climate situation, either for professional either for educational reasons
  • highly responsible, friendly and open-minded
  • coordinating abilities
  • English level B2 and above

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