No to Extremism – Sweden


 Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Karlstad, Sweden

Dates: 11-18 May 2016

Participants: Libor Karvay, Michal Škoda, David Ježek, Lukáš Kindermann, Monika Ngo-Le

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Participating countries: Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italia, Slovakia, Germany, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Turkey.

Hosting organisation: Environment Development Association

Project report:

I arrived at the Prague airport three hours before our flight to Stockholm, so I had enough time to meet other participants from Czech Republic except one, who was already there. We arrived in Stockholm approximately at 2 pm, so we spent whole afternoon there. We saw old city center, some parks, streets of Stockholm and even our group leader was robbed – it was awesome afternoon. J When we arrived in Karlstad, organizers picked us and took to local camp, where the training course „No to Extremism“ took a place.

Second day, after modest breakfast, we started to play some games to get to know each other and we also did some team building activities. Because the camp was located on the shore of lake Vänern (the largest lake in Sweden) and the sun was shining, we decided to take a bath in not much hot water. If I forget all handkerchiefs I used after, it was really good idea. In the evening there were no welcome party, so we made our own.

Next days we started to do activities connected to the topic of the project. Some of them were really interesting some of them less, but I think it is not possible to prepare activity for 40 people that would everybody like. For example I liked activities, in which we were talking about extremism in our countries, because in this project were involved 10 different countries, so it was really good for me to hear about situation in different countries from people, who live there and not from the media. I also like to see differences between attitudes of people based on different mentality and culture. I think that Daniela – our trainer – did a good job.

The highlight of each evening was a culture night, where we had a opportunity to know Lithuanian music, Italian gestures, Slovak dance, Hungarian brandy, Bulgarian cheese, British cookies, Swedish shrimp butter or Turkish coffee. After almost every culture night we moved to the beach with our blankets and watch the sunset, talked – sometimes until sunrise.


I really enjoyed this project despite hunger and some conflicts with organizers. Daniela prepared good activities for us and I think that everybody who wanted, learned something new about extremism in other countries and how to fight against it and that everybody enjoyed this project. For me it was good experience and I am happy that I had opportunity to go there.

Lukáš Kindermann

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