Ray of Light – Spain


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Puente Genil, Cordoba, Spain

Dates: 2-11 July 2015

Participants: Adéla Trčková, Markéta Nikendyová, Martin Sedláček, Dominika Hlavová

Group leader: Adéla Pavlunová

Participating countries: United Kingdom, Estonia, Holland, Czech Republic, Italy and Spain

Project report:

Welcome to the country, where nobody is stressed and the most important thing is siesta. Welcome to Spain, where sangria and tinto de verano is cheaper than water. It was really an amazing experience to spend more than one week with my new Czech friends. Our group, which consisted of four girls and one boy (me), was composed very well. However this project was not just about Czech people, because we could meet people from Italy, Spain, Estonia and The Netherlands. From the theme of this project it was obvious that interaction of 25 participants from 5 different countries will be very interesting and instructive. To be honest, my expectations were enormous, because I didn’t know about LGBT community almost anything and my personal opinion about the LGBT community was influenced by my friends and family. At he begging of the project I was little bit confused if we are in the right place, but after one night everything changed and this project became one of the best experiences in my life. Our thanks belong especially to the organisers Alberto and Simona, whose preparation was perfect and the programme was very well balanced. These facts contributed to the excellent atmosphere, which was transferred to other participants of the project. Somebody can say that its obvious that people on this type of project love each other, but as I wrote above, I didn’t expect this, because the theme of this project could be a little bit remarkable and uncomfortable for somebody. The program consisted of workshops, short lectures but mainly of group preparations and cooperation, when people from other countries and with different sexual orientation had to work together. It was very nice to see how such different people understand to each other and work together like friends from childhood. This week was not just about working, but we traveled to Sevilla, went to the swimming pool and visited the city hall.  There was something really special for us in this week and it was very hot weather. After two days the temperature reached about 45 degree and our lives without air condition were almost unimaginable.

To sum it up, as I said above, this week was amazing especially due to differences among the people when we could meet homosexuals, bisexuals, heterosexuals, demisexuals etc. and spend one week together in one place. I didn’t see any problem or conflict between these people and conversations about LGBT problems were in really friendly atmosphere. Finally I have to write, that minds of many of us were changed and a lot of prejudices were removed. Thank a lot to everybody who participated in this project and especially to EYCB, which gave me a chance to spend one week in Spain and get this experience.

Martin Sedláček

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