Accessible Beyoğlu — Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Istanbul, Turkey

Dates: 30 December 2018 – 6 January 2019

Participants: David Komínek, Lucie Figalová, Anna Martínková, Lenka Čálková

Group leader: Tomáš Cieslar

Please read the info-pack

Hosting organisation: Beyoğlu District National Education Directorate

Project report: 


The czech team just arrived from the project Accesible Beyoglu, so everybody is still procesing all the new experiences and knowledge, which we gained and I think there is lot of them. Not many times can a person be in such a diverse group not only filled with Europeans but also with people from Algeria,Turkey and even Palestine. Together in the non-formal learning part of this project we talked about all the small cultural differences that separate our countries,as well we talked a lot with Palestinien group and it was really interesting to hear about the situation, which they face from their point of view , also we had an amazing time together on New years eve, when the organizers prepared a little party for us, where we could dance, laugh and just enjoy the New years eve night in Istanbul, which is in my opinion an unforgettable experience. In the formal part of this project we were mapping the wheelchair accesible places in Beyoglu with mapillary, which is an open source map so everyone can edit it freely and if it is going to be used properly it can make a huge difference for people with disabilities as they can download the map to see the places, where they can be fully autonomous. We weren´t only mapping the touristic parts of Beyoglu but also the parts where not a lot of tourists goes so from my point of view we explored Beyoglu pretty deeply. We were accomodated in a beautifull hotel and from the top we could even see the Bosphorus and european side of Istanbul. In summary it has been an amazing and well organized project, where we had a lot of fun so the worst thing  is that it passed so quickly.

Best regards,

Tomáš Cieslar

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