Over the Hedge II – Netherlands


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Dates: 6—19 July 2022 

Venue: Ommen, Netherlands

Please read the info-pack.

National team size: 5 participants (aged 16-21) and 1 group leader (aged 18-25)

Participation fee (collected by the hosting organisation):  €75/participant.

Hosting organisation: Olde Vechte Foundation

Project description:

Are you looking for your ultimate summer learning opportunity?

Do you like outdoor activities and would you like to learn how to cooperate with others more efficiently?

Then Over the (H)edge might be THE project for you!

Over the (H)edge is all about exploring simple ways on how to work together with others, creating a common living space and designing various games outside in nature.

About the programme:

During these dynamic 12 days you will have the chance to discover:
– how you can include yourself in a group
– what are your unique strengths and how can you use them
– how to cooperate with others towards a common goal
– how you can connect with others from different countries
– how to guide your own learning
– how to develop activities from the idea till realisation
– how to do all this in a sustainable community created by you and all the others

The idea of the project is to create a playful environment in which you will be encouraged to explore your own capabilities, to put your values into practice and be inspired by yourself and others.

You will:
• play and learn outside in different settings;
• create a common living space with the rest of the group;
• discover practical ways how to include yourself and others;
• create and organise games/activities for each other;
• go on a hiking/biking/rafting adventure in the Netherlands;
• share your learnings within an intercultural group;
• have an unforgettable summer experience!

In 12 days you will CREATE, PLAY and EXPERIMENT within an intercultural group of 48 youngsters from 8 different countries.

How do we do it:
Since we believe that the best way of learning is through experiences, we are planning to have a project with dynamic and packed days in which you will have the chance to create and guide your own learning process.

Exchange programme:
We will have dynamic and packed days full of games and experiential learning activities. Additionally, we will also have 3 day, 2-night long outdoor adventure in which participants will go rafting, biking and hiking in the Netherlands, and will interact with locals. For many, it might be a step outside their comfort zone, yet it will also be an important learning point and once in a lifetime kind of an adventure.


The exchange will consist of the following parts:

  • Experiencing – you will be participating in the games and workshops organised by the group leaders
  • Creating – in small international groups you will be organising games and activities for each other
  • Exploring – this will be the time to put all your improved skills in practice while going on a hiking, biking and rafting adventure in the Netherlands

Who are we searching for?

Group leader’s profile:

● 18-21 years old
● excited about outdoor games and activities
● preferably having some background in working with youngsters
● enthusiastic, supportive, willing to take initiative and to encourage others
● willing to work more with us and give input in creating the project
● ready to create and deliver workshops for the group
● able to work in simple English

Participants’ profile:

● 16-21 years old
● interested in nature and outdoor games
● preferably without any previous experience with Erasmus+ projects
● excited to improve your cooperation skills
● active and creative

The follow-up activities will consist of 2 main things: a short article or testimonials (most probably it will happen during the exchange), participants event back home (game, hike, event about project, presentation in school, activity with kids or anything else).
Regarding the Advance Planning Visit (APV) we will have a short APV meeting and we will agree upon the dates with the

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