Training of Trainers on Simulation Games — Italy


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Salerno, Italy

Dates: 6-13 May 2019

Participants: Adéla Kalusová

Please read the info-pack

Hosting organisation: NICOLA Arts

Participating countries: Italy, Turkey, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Slovenia

Project report: 

Project ToT Simulation Based Learning METHODOLOGY was really good opportunity for „Training for trainers“. The main goal of project was created 4 simulation games, which we can use in our own training courses, youth exchanges or in our work.


Trainers divided all participants into four groups. Every group had to think about the topic of simulation games. After than we had time for preparation our simulation game. All teams had to present their simulation game and of course play it.


In the middle of our training course, the organisers prepared a trip to Pompeii for us, where we went through all the historical sites and listened to the incredible story of this city. Then we moved to the nearby seaside town of Salerno, where we enjoyed the traditional Italian streets and genuine Italian coffee.


In next days we finished our preparation of simulation games in our team. In the team where I was, we invented a simulation game from the real business world. We tried to organize everything as best as we could. Other teams had a simulation game on women’s inequality in society or social network in the world. These games are a great tool for further training courses or youth exchanges, which most course participants want to organize themselves.


This project was very beneficial in terms of content because I understood how to create a simulation game with like-minded people like me. Although I went for the Czechia alone, I did not mind at all, because I still created a friendship across Europe. And that’s what Erasmus + mobility is all about :-).


Thank you EYCB for the opportunity to take part in the course, which was great inspiration.

Adéla Kalusová

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