Young Minds — France


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: training course

Venue: Bidart, France

Dates: 22—30 March 2024

Czech team: 2 participants

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Association La Villa

Project report:

This nine day course was for youth workers and it was about mental health and controlling your own emotions. The first day of the training was mostly about arrivals. For people that arrived on time they prepared dinner and also the first teambuilding activity. I arrived late because my plane landed in a different city because of the weather so I did not attend this one. We were staying on a small hill approximately 20 min by walk from the sea in a place in France called Bidart. The area was beautiful.The second day was mostly about other team building activities. Participants were from 11 different countries and I can say that that was very interesting for a lot of activities we had done. Third day we started to get to know each other way better so we started to do more intense activities. We spoke about our own personal characteristics and we played a game about making decisions by concrete characters. Also we placed ourselves on the board for how experienced we are in erasmus + projects, mental health, disorders etc. In the next few days we spoke a lot about our own personalities and emotions. They placed us in a lot of different situations, sometimes we were angry, sometimes we were sad or on the other hand filled with happiness. It was good training to get to know yourself better and explore my own reactions. Evereytime they also tried to explain why we felt like this and we even had a session about brain functioning. Every evening we played games or we just spoke about our experiences in life. On day four we had a free afternoon so we decided to explore France a little bit more. We went to Saint Jean de Luz which I would definitely recommend you to visit if you go. There is a nice sea view and a lot of hills and nature around. Day five was about mental health in our own countries and how we deal with that. Trainers also introduced some techniques when you feel stressed or overwhelmed. We shared some personal stories with the whole group. At the end of the day they gave us some time to think about day 7 because that day we should have prepared activities for others. The sixth day we spoke about Erasmus+ and we practiced active listening in pairs. Last full day we did activities for others. Every participant could do anything he wanted so in the end we had a huge diversity of activities and fields. Last night the trainers had some last goodbye activities and gave us our youthpass. Everyone also shared their ideas about the project and their own experience. Last day we all left back home filled with new knowledge, emotions and friends!

Nela Č.

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