Leadership Skills for Youth — Greece


Dates: 8—15 September 2020

Venue: Paralia Ofriniou, Orfani, (Summer camp “Tsaf Tsouff), Greece

Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1:  training course

Please read the info-pack.

Participants: 3/country 

Hostiting organisation: Praxis Greece

Participating countries: Cyprus, Germany, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Moldova, Greece, Bulgaria

Project description:

  • The aim is to support the professional development of those who work in the youth field with a view to innovating and improving the quality of youth work across Europe. 

The project will equip the youth workers with innovative and improved ways of operating towards their target groups.

It represents an opportunity for professional development.

The training course «Leadership skills for Youth” is an opportunity to learn and practice leadership. 


  • To support the participants develop a wide range of leadership skills including team work, communication (speaking and presentation skills, starting meaningful conversations and active listening), decision making, time management, goal setting, motivation of one self and others, influence skills,facilitation of effective meetings, negotiation skills, coaching, future planning, and partnership building;
  • To motivate the participants to assume responsibility within their organization
  • To show the participants how to influence others towards a common goal
  • To link the youth work with the business sector
  • To improve the Key Competences for Life-long Learning as validated by Youthpass.
  • To give the youth organizations the opportunity to benefit from the improvement of the leadership skills of the youth workers and the young board members
  • To support youth organizations through capacity‐building and to explore together how to lead youth organisation.

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