Tell Me About You – Romania


Tell Me About You – Romania

Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Buzau, Sarata Monteoru, Romania

Dates: 27 February – 8 March 2017

Participants: Eliška Klučková, Dominik Zábelka, Jan Mareš, Veronika Lasotová

Group leader: Markéta Vondráková

Please read the Info-pack, rozpis aktivit and project boooklet

Hosting organisation: Hair Redivivus Buzau, Romania

Participating organisations: Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania

Project report:

When someone says Romania, each of us imagine something different; many of us imagine Dracula and his spectacular castle, some of us think about breath-taking nature and mountains, others imagine vibrant capital Bucharest.

From 27 February until 8 March, five Czech participants got an opportunity to experience a piece of this magic country through project called „Tell me about you“. There were 40 participants from eight countries: the Czech Republic, Latvia, Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Macedonia and of course Romania.

This project held in picturesque little village Sarata Monteoru, and was dedicated to youth unemployment. At the beginning of the project we experienced many games, ice breakers and teambuilding activities, which helped us to get to know each other and to create friendly environment. After that we started with workshops about unemployment, how to create high quality CV and covering letter or how to work on our soft skills, to be attractive for labour market.

This project was extremely well prepared by our leader Tolea. He was very professional, but also friendly and open minded person. Thank to him we had extraordinary team spirit between our group and we could cooperate together very well without any little problem.

Through working in groups and presentation of our results we worked on our language skills. At the end of the project we had an opportunity to experience job interview with real employers from Romanian companies. After this interview, every participant got a worthy feedback about his performance. This experience I consider extremely useful for all of us, not only for those, who have never experienced real job interview yet.

Except workshops and sessions about unemployment, we had plenty of time to learn a lot about each of participating country. During intercultural evenings we tasted delicious national food and drinks, danced national dances and also learned some simple words from each language.

I am glad that I had an opportunity to participate in this project. I think I can say that all of the participants had an amazing time during our stay in Romania, we learned a lot not only about other countries and cultures but also about ourselves. Thank you!

                                                                                                                                                                               Michaela Vondráková

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