United by Difference – In All Inclusive Sports – Turkey


Programme and action: ERASMUS+ programme, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Dates: 10-16 June 2015

Venue: Diyarbakir, Turkey

Participants: Lenka Drgová, Olga Andruškivová, Kateřina Ovčiariková, A. W. and Bronislav Vysloužil

Please read the project info-pack & daily activities schedule.

Participating countries: Denmark, Turkey, France, Estonia, Hungary, Czech Rep., Serbia, Moldova and Romania

Project report:

I´d like to shout to the world that our group had opportunity to spend six days in eastern Turkey, in Diyarbakir. Firstly we were a little afraid about what to expect because of a big influence of media but after this experience i can say for all our group that such a friendly, hospitable and helpful people we haven´t seen for a long time.

Our team composed of 5 members arrived to Diyarbakir on the 10th of June and amazing time on the project called United by Difference – In All Inclusive Sports could start. Part of all of this were also other 8 groups from different countries – from Denmark, Serbia, Moldova, Hungary, Romania, Estonia, France and of course from Turkey.

It didn´t take a long time and we breaked an ice between each other. We started to discuss about a problem of social exclusion and we were suggesting solutions. We found out that every country has similar problems and we can fight against it together. Advantage was that program was very relaxed and we didn´t have to just sit and listen somebody for many hours. Insted of it we played a social games to prove that sport is one of the greatest tools how to unite nations. And because football is undoubtedly one of the most famous sport, was in Diyarbakir organized a football tournament for boys and we – girls had access to local swimming pool.

I consider as a great experience trip around Diyabakir which opened our eyes and we found a beauty of this culture. This program didn´t take a long time but we managed to fall in love into Turkish food and mainly music and dance.

So i can´t say anything else except sepas ( Kurdish thank you ) to organizators from both countries – Turkey and Czech Republic because we gained different world view ,we got know a lot about other countries and finally we created great friendships. Diyabakir will be always in our heart.

Kateřina Ovčiariková 

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