Culture of Dialogue (part I) – Serbia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Kikinda, Serbia

Dates: 5-12 March 2017

Participants: Tereza Lišková, Barbora Urbanovská, Barbora Rychlá

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Hosting organisation: Kulturno-Istorijsko Udruženje Čkanski Dobošari

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Romania, Macedonia, Slovakia, Albania, Turkey, Lithuania and Poland

Project report:

Project Culture of Dialogue in Serbia was my first project ever. I was little bit afraid, nervous, because I did not know somebody, I was afraid of my English [honestly, I am still little bit nervous] and I could not imagine whole week in Serbia, in Kikinda.

But, day D came. I was in Prague on trip, so I met with Tereza, another participant from Czech Republic and adventure could begin. We met on bus station in Prague and went to the Vienna Airport, when we came after 4 a.m., drunk some coffee and ate breakfast. After that we chilled for a while. And we found our plane and went to the Beograd.

We stayed in Beograd because of waiting for third participant from Czech Republic, visited some interesting places in city, tried their amazing ice cream. But we needed to go to the bus station and went to Kikinda. More than two hours in bus. We were tired, but during the journey to Kikinda we heard English and at bus station in this small city we met guys from Albania and Poland. After whole day of travelling we only ate really good dinner and we fell to the bed and slept.

We woke up on Monday morning, went to the breakfast and we started with lectures. Of course we needed to know each other, so we played games. We wrote something interesting about us, what we like, what we do and we tried to find what we had in common. It was really nice. We went in Kikinda city centre too, it was something like Sightseeing game. But my group, Mangos (yes, we named after this fruit) was lucky, because we had guy from Macedonia, who spoke Serbian, so we finnished our „homework“ earlier and we found good pub with good serbian beer. And gradually came another groups.

On Monday and Tuesday we had intercultural evening. We took some czech sweets, beer and ham and people could taste piece of Czech Republic. And they really liked it. But we discussed with Slovakian girls about Kofola, which we took. And it was Czech Kofola. Some people couldn´t understand, why we understood each other, when language is different. But we all know, that i tis not so different. We had also movie night, when we watched some serbian films and we were at pub too, on Friday night.

We worked in groups a lot. It was interactive course. And we all had our secret friend (I miss him so much), we took care of our secret friend and made better day for him, for example with good breafast or piece of chocolate or something like that.

I think that we knew about each other, discover new cultures, new things, found new friends and I think, that we all know, that we are the same and the most important thing in our live is communicate with each other.

                                                                                                                                                                                    Barbora Urbanovská


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