Active YOUth for Europe – Romania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Satu Mare, Romania

Dates: 4-10 September 2016

Participants: Lenka Kosmatová, Žaneta Jančaříková, Veronika Hadravová, René Zelinka

Group leader: Zdeněk Kroupa 

Please read the info-pack & daily programme & press release & final project report

Participating countries: Croatia, Romania, Czech Republic, Latvia, Hungary

Hosting organisation: Asociația de Dezvoltare Intercomunitară Județul Satu Mare

Project report:

We have learned how to better understand to minorities that collaboration with them is not always easy. We had the chance to visit non-government organisations. Last but not least, we spend few hours in major office and listening to his opinions about current issues with integrated non-educated people to the society. The accommodation was very nice and luxurious, however, we were really missing snacks during the day, so we got often hungry, even though we asked for snack, we did not receive them at all. We know it was the first project from the organisation, however, there were, from my point of view, huge mistakes – such as missing evaluation after whole day with the group leaders. Leader of the project did not very clearly asked what she should make better or how we feel about this project, that’s why at the end of the project we had a small arguing. A few participants from other countries were disappointed as well, about the organisation of the project. Small things, such us missing Romanian intercultural evening, and in general, missing the culture atmosphere, let us little bit down. Honestly, concerning to the topic, atmospfere and experience it was not the best project I took part in, despite of this we made a picture how is the political and social situation across European countries, which is significant nowadays.

To sum up, I am very happy I had the chance to participate in project from Eramus + through EYCB (again), and I feel very thankful.

Lenka Kosmatová


Press release:

The Satu Mare County Intercommunity Development Association implements in the period 01.06.2016-30.11.2016 the project “Active YOUth for Europe” which benefits from a financial support in total value of €10.410 from the European Union through the Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 1 – Youth mobility. The main objective of the project is to improve the level of competences and skills of young people in the field of youth involvement in public life, as well as to promote participation in democratic life in Europe.

            The main activity of the project consists in an exchange of experience organized for a period of 8 days in Satu Mare (4 September-11 September 2016). This exchange of experience was attended by 30 young people aged 18-30 years (4 participants and one group leader from each participating country), representing the following organizations: Satu Mare County Intercommunity Development Association (Romania), Evropské centrum mládeže Břeclav/European Youth Centre Břeclav z.s. (Břeclav-Czech Republic); Association for promotion of IT, Culture and Coexistence (IKS) (Petrinja-Croatia);); Kék Egyesület for cultural life (Nyíregyháza-Hungary); Bulgarian Youth Community (Varna-Bulgaria) and Express Yourself (Salaspils-Latvia).

            The program of the exchange of experience included formal and non-formal learning sessions on the following topics: clarifying the concepts of democracy, active citizenship of young people, youth involvement in public life of the regions, local authorities and youth involvement, volunteering; site visits at public authorities: Satu Mare County Council, The Town Hall of Carei Municipality, Doba Village Hall; site visits at NGOs: Stea Association, Caritas – Elderly care Day Center Speranța-Hope; followed by debates, role plays and reflections. Young participants considered that the exchange of experience was extremely useful for the development of competences and skills for a more active involvement in democratic life in Europe.

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