Don’t Worry, Be Happy! – Portugal


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Arrouquelas, Portugal

Dates: 23-30 October 2015

Participants: Eva Janečková, Radek Malý

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Hosting organisationH2O

Project report:

The training course “Don´t worry, Be happy” took place in a small village called Arrouquelas (Rio Maior), Portugal during the dates 23rd – 30th October 2015. This training course focused on youth workers in contact with young jobseekers from different countries, backgrounds and cultures and on possible solutions of this complex and difficult situation of unemployment.

Youth workers have a unique opportunity to influence, lead and coach the youngsters they work with. They can show them their possibilities, enrich their minds, broaden their views and help them discover their skills, passions and talents that can be useful for them later on while trying to find a suitable job for them. Thirty-two of such youth workers came to work together for one week under the guidance of two amazing trainers: Mara Arvai and Endre Kiss. A big thank you also goes to Portuguese organizers Alexandre Jacinto and Ines Piao!

During six working days we discussed the individual makro- and microlevels of unemployment and learnt a lot about the current situation of unemployment in individual countries. We found out a lot about social exclusion and its several dimensions related to unemployment and most importantly we shared several methods that can be actively used while working with young jobseekers.

Within this training course, we were also introduced the basics of the EU Youth Policies (Europe 2020, EU Youth Strategy, Education and training 2020) and Erasmus+ programme. As the personality of the youth worker himself/herself is also very important, every day we worked on reflexion focusing on specific competences we had developed the previous day to clearly achieve our goals we had set at the beginning of this training course.

An important part of this project was also building new and strong partnerships for future projects, creating new friendships and last, but not least, getting to know the Portuguese culture and spirit. Obrigado! 🙂 Don’t worry, Be happy! 🙂

The diversity of this training course was achieved by the unique group of people who met here from 16 different countries: Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Estonia, France, Latvia, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Lithuania, Cyprus, Hungary, Netherlands, Croatia and Ireland.

Eva Janečková 

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