Green Youth Leaders — Germany


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Berne, Bremen, Germany

Dates: 10—19 July 2023

National team: Eliška Kubečková, Ondřej Moučka, Nela Rodryčová, Katarína Svobodová, Monika Šilerová, Karolína Macíčková, Ondřej Loukota, Jakub Zima, Vojtěch Bystřický

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Hosting organisation: NaturKultur e.V.

Project report

Hallo, Guten Tag! Northern Germany, campsite, diverse people, and a lot of rain. That was a Youth Exchange in Bremen on environmental protection and leadership. 

Almost 50 people, mostly under 20 y. o. from Germany, Spain, Macedonia, Croatia, and Czechia participated. There were 9 of us in the Czech team, including two leaders. All enthusiastic, engaging, and eager to learn. One of the best delegations I was a part of. We slept in tents, got great food, and cleaned the dishes afterwards.

At first, the group was divided. People from different countries knew each other before they came, so they spent most of their free time together. Czechs were pleasant exceptions. We mingled with almost everyone, mainly with the Spaniards. They were hilarious and super friendly! But later, the ice broke, more and more people were talking to each other, and the whole group was more or less united.

Regarding the exchange topic, environmental protection, we had several workshops and activities connected to this. They became more intense throughout the project, and everyone learned something new. 

We also have several trips to Berne (the town we were the nearest), Bremen, and the surroundings. In Bremerhaven, we visited the Klimahaus, a museum with different world climates.

In conclusion, it was an exciting learning experience, time spent in nature, and much fun.

Ondřej Moučka

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