EuroAnima — Poland


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course 

Venue: Szczawnica, Poland

Dates: 10 – 19 December 2018

Participants: Martin Zeman, Martin Žaba

Please read the basic info and info-pack.

Hosting organisation: My Dreams Come True Association – MMS

Participating countries: Greece, Latvia, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Italy, CR, Slovakia, Spain

Project report: 

Welcome to Poland! It was my pleasure to travel to Poland area Pieniny national park on 10th december. We were excited about the project “Euroanima” that ended on the 18st december. I was traveling from Prague via Slovakia town Poprad to boarder village Červený kláštor and from here i moved by foot 15 km across mountains to the meeting point in Sczawnica.  Sczawnica is small spa and skiing center surrounded large forest with many touristic path. There were 26 participants from Spain, Latvia, Poland, Czech republic, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Macedonia, Scotland, England and Greece.  

 Thanks to the perfect preparation and organization of our leaders – Basia and Gosia. During a lot of activities we got to know each other better and better and thanks to many group works, we were able to cooperate quite easily. We were listening lectures about basis and principles of film animation, beginner´s mistakes, kinds of animations or categories of story. For example about symmetry, composition, mood of the scene or types of figures. We was making various exercicing like moving fire of candle or dripping of water. If we would like to know everything about noise in the film, it would be needed another training course. During the project, we created in small groups short animation films, which we presented to other groups. There were perfect cooperation between nations. One evening we had intercultural night with great demonstration of international food and other evening we were together in luxury restaurant in Sczawnica on Poland traditional dinner with live music and dance. Poland culture is nice and hospitable. Some evening we were playing traditional Poland games, very funny one. On half free day there was many possibilities for example go to trip to surroundings touristic circuit, travel to Krakow, borrow ski facilities, to do downhill skiing or visit Sczawnica spa with mineral water, whirlpool and sauna.

 Everything was so calm, pretty and amazing, like somewhere in the dream. Now, when we are back home we have developed capacities the use of animations as innovative tool in youth organizations. (original, up to date, unusual) and knowledge for non formal educational disseminative tool. We can start with creating a lot of beautiful things.

   All what I m learning I will try to use in practice because in February I will have two practice work with children, youths and families from my Faculty of social politics and social work on Charles university. To sum it up, EYCB is the great group allowing a lot of people to do useful and amazing things.  Thank a lot every single person allowing these projects to happen! 

Martin Zeman

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