Thanks but no Tanks — Poland


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course on how to use non-violent communication to integrate political dimension into youth work 

Venue: Stegna, Poland

Dates: 13 – 20 October 2018

Participants: Jan Krotký, Soňa Raszková

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Participating countries: Czech Republic, Estonia, Denmark, France, Greece, Spain, Austria, Malta, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Poland

Hosting organisation: Global Wave Foundation

Project report: 

Before coming to Stegna, I had quite high expectations because I have participated in a similar project in Finland. I was worried that this training course will not be as good as the previous one. When I arrived in Stegna (Poland) I was amazed by beautiful nature. The training course was held in the middle of the forest 5-minute walk from the seaside. Stunning! I said to myself: “Okay if the course will not be my cup of tea I will definitely enjoy this place.”.

But, after getting acquainted with people who took part in this training course about non-violent communication I realized that the whole course will be amazing – not only by the place itself. There was a writer, a rap singer and people who have already reached something. I realized how big potential this group has; how smart and motivated people are involved in this course.

After the first two days, we went deeper into the subject of non-violent communication. We have learned some important concepts, experiences and historical examples of non-violent campaigns. One of the most interesting workshops was the simulation of the meeting in imagine village which should decide about the future of the refugee centre. We realized how easy is to fall to the stereotypes.  I was supposed to represent a member of the Muslim community and it was enriching to put myself in other´s shoes and represent discriminated community.

In the mid of the training course we visited Gdansk, where we had an opportunity to visit European Solidarity Centre and NGO working with youngsters, which was extremely refreshing, and we got another example of good practice.

At the end of the course we worked on our own project which we are going to implement in a reality. With the tools (problem and solution tree analysis) and experiences which we got during the week we were able to create a campaign which can improve our cities, communities, societies. Me and Soňa created a plan how to improve living conditions in city of Vyšší Brod where live a big community of Vietnamese. Vietnamese are not integrated to the Czech society and it can cause social conflicts. Our plan is improving this situation by small steps (create regular meeting with Vietnamese community, create a committee about minority, create workshops about typical Czech and Vietnamese culture).

I am convinced that participants of this course will make our world better and I am glad I could spend some time with them. Finally, I thank to my Czech colleague – Soňa, it was pleasure.


Jan Krotký

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