Play Together, Learn Together – Spain


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Seminar

Venue: Elce, Spain

Dates:  28 June – 4 July 2016

Participants: Eva Palkovičová, Helena Kuthanová, Zdeněk Kašpar

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Participating countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain

Hosting organisation: Club Balonmano Elche

Project report:

In June I applied for Erasmus+ project to Elche in 28 June – 4 July and I got opportunity to be part of this project. Name of project was Play together, Learn together. This was my first project so I didn’t know what I can expect. I went there with my friend Helena and she has experiences with Erasmus+ projects so it was easier for me. 

We arrived to Elche in 28. June from Alicante by train and we met with one of the organizer in Hotel TRYP. Thomas was really nice person. And I had no more worries about these days.

Accommodation in hotel is luxury and very good situated in centre of Elche. We had good opportunity get to know each other because we share room with person from different countries. In this hotel we had also breakfast, lunch and dinner. All the time I felt really full. We really enjoyed Spanish cuisine. 

Next day went to congress centre which was near the hotel. In this congress centre has good facilities for our activities.

First day of the project we got to know each other. We played names games and introduction games. Thomas talked about program and rules. On this project was about 33 participants from 10 countries – Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain. It was really interesting to see representatives of the countries in one place. After dinner we had night game. In groups we tried to find answers from questions paper which gave us the organizers. We could see city.

Next days we had activities in congress centre again. We had discussion about – gender, women and sports, disabilities, inclusion, discrimination. All the time It was big debate because these topics are very actually. Each person has his point of view. Everyone has a different experience and other information. It was interesting to watch and be part of the debate. Over and over I heard in debates term – media (TV). Each country has different way to solve it. Learn about other countries what they think and how they want to solve was for me incredible benefit. And this information you could see and read anywhere in media.

One day we met Spanish women who won a medal at the Olympics in handball. She talked about her experiences with women in sport or we went to university where we played football for blind people. We had lot of interesting activities. In the end of project, we created in different groups own project based on sport. My group created project for blind people. Aim of our project is city tour for blind people or people with mask on eyes. Learn them more about their city and feel city different. Finally, we made promotional video. 

In the end I would like to say thank you YECB for this opportunity and Memories for the whole life. This was my first project and I am sure that not last.

Erasmus+ is good way how learn, travel, meet new people, make friend, improve language and be better.

Zdeněk Kašpar

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