Change Today for a Better Tomorrow — Germany


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Campsite Juliusplate, Berne, Bremen, Germany

Dates: 12—22 July 2022

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: NaturKultur e.V.

Czech team: David Menšík (GL), Bernadeta Kadaňková, Adéla Hrdinová, Ondřej Štěpánek, Lukáš Drobek, Ondřej Vaněk, Kateřina Mrázová, Kristýna Novotná

Project report:

As locals say, Moin Moin! Between Jul 12 – Jul 22 2022 we had a great opportunity to spend time in
a peaceful nature at north of Germany in region of Lower Saxony, which is home to the Wadden Sea
with its salt marshes, dunes, beaches and sandbanks, which serve as a nesting, feeding and resting
spot for sometimes very rare species of bird and provide a habitat for many sea creatures, including

Goals of our youth exchange were to raise environmental awareness of us participants, ecourage us
to value and spend more time in nature, contribute to our recognition of non-formal education as a
basic tool for our and societal development, promote proactive and healthy lifestyle and to help us
adopt eco-friendly practices in everyday life.

Young and enthusiastic people from 6 countries (8 members from each) were invited to participate in
this project. Greece, Romania, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Macedonia and Germany. Together we spend
an amazing 11 days in campsite Juliusplate, which was right next to the river Weser with long and
beatiful sandy beach. We lived outside all-day-long and we slept in tents for one or two people with
comfortable mattresses. Great meals were prepared by volunteers cooperating with our local
organization NaturKultur.

During our time there, we participated in various activities organized by our facilitators in order to
get to know each other and gain trust, to learn operate in teams, to support our creative side, to step
outside our comfort zone and have a great time! This was all connected with environmental topics to
raise our awarness about our planet and to encourage us to start acting locally. Namely, we had a role-play simulation where we were mixed in random groups with certain interests, such as developers, political partys and active citizens and we had to negotiate future plans in urban development. We also played small theatres on enviro topics, visited climbing forest, World war II fortress, nearby lakes, visited city of Bremen and went for a long canoe trip. Every evening, traditional food and dances were presented by each participating country, which were very interesting and we had a lot of fun learning and tasting local delicious meals.

In summary, we had a great time, made many new friends, learned interesting information and
dances from participating countries and we are now more connected with nature and aware of environmental issues. Many thanks to EU, EYCB and NaturKultur, Czech team and all participants for
making this wonderful time with amazing people happen. See you at the next project!

                                                                                                                              David Menšík

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