European Youth Cooperation Forum – Poland


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Contact making seminar with elements of a training course

Venue: Zakopane, Poland

Dates: 12-18 October 2015

Participants: Robert Veselý, Patrícia Petrová

Please read the info-pack and daily activities schedule

Participating countries:  Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Malta, Macedonia, Greece, Estonia, Spain, Turkey, Italy and Poland

Hosting organisation: Stowarzyszenie GRUPA DZIAŁANIA

Project report:

When I first was chosen for a project European Youth Cooperation Forum I never imagined it would be such a life changing experience. The project was to be focused on creating new partnerships among various organizations from different countries, such as Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Estonia and many others, as well as Poland as the hosting country. The purpose of the project was to connect with other people, find out not only about their organizations and their projects but also about that particular person, his personal interests and together think of ideas of new projects and partnerships.

The first days of the project were mostly about getting to know each other. It wasn’t an easy task as there were almost fifty people taking part in it, but the organizers did a great job with all kinds of name games and ice-breakers to bring us together and start creating new friendships. We all knew this part was crucial for all the rest of the project. The next days were mostly dedicated to presentations of the organizations involved. Participants talked not only about the projects  already passed, but also in general about the topic their organization is mostly interested in, the kinds of projects it did and would like to do in future and by this find an organization with similar ideas and create a common idea for the future. These were followed by two cultural evenings when all the participating countries were presented in a fun way and also the typical food and drinks from each of them were served. In the meantime, we spent hours participating in various workshops that the organizers prepared for us such as „how to deal with a conflict“ or „how to use games as a powerfull tool in communication“ that taught us how we can become a contribution in creating new projects in our home organizations, how to make those projects fun and enlightening at the same time plus we laughed a lot there so I definitely consider this one of the best parts of the project. But of course, the most important attribute to a succesfull project are the people attending. I must say we´ve all got on extremely well together, had so much fun, learned a lot from each other and hopefully, created friendships and contatcs that will last forever.  

Patrícia Petrová

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