Natural Environment – Portugal


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Covilha, Portugal

TC dates: 25 November-2 December  2020

Participants: Lenka Tomečková (GL), Petr Wolf, Adéla Hájková, Šárka Burkytová, Eva Halušková, Štěpánka Dušková

Host organisation: Share!

Participating countries: Portugal, Spain, Norway, Italy, Czech Republic, Romania

Please read the info-pack.

Project report:

My dearest Portugal, somehow we reunited again, this time in portuguese mountains near the city of Covilha. The project´s name was Natural Environment and its main focus was on spreading the awareness about 17 sustainable development goals programm (SDGs) created by the United Nations. 

Participants came from 5 countrains – Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania, Spain and Portugal. We thoroughly explored this topic and learned, which steps we can take both on the individual and national level in order to become more eco-friendly and sustainable. All the sessions were well thought out and prepared by the organizers. They used many creative non-formal ways to introduce each of the SDGs, for example with a use of mobile apps or theater play. We often had to work with international groups which was a great opportunity to get to know other participants. At the end of the project we created a short movie and a guideline about which bad habits we can do on a daily basis.

Every other day there was an intercultural night where we learned about other nationalities and had a chance of trying out typical food and dances. But the true highlight of this project was the beautiful nature around us. We made several trips to the mountains including onto the highest mountain of Portugal on land Serra de Estrela.

The whole project was finished by fancy portuguese dinner with live cooking and great atmosphere which made this project simply unforgettable. I can not wait until I can come to Portugal again cause once you visit it you instantly fall in love!

                                                                                                                                              Petr Wolf

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